“Despacito x Suit Suit x Naja” – Aksh Baghla

Talking about an artist from Palampur,Aksh, brings out the true Indian Swag and gives in his best effort to accomplish his passion and love to sing.

When a kid, he hardly used to play any sport. Instead, he spent maximum of his time on the Internet…. Not doing foolish things xD but, learning new ways to promote cover songs and majorly bring out the best of him by singing.

Aksh fell in love with the idea of songs and made a plan that he would sing cover songs and then go ahead with his own compositions.

He started his YouTube channel and got 1000 views. By working harder and his consistent and persistent efforts he reached to 10K to 100K.

His dad wanted him to quit singing and plan something for his further studies.

Aksh said,“I was so dejected that I did not upload any video till two months. I left for my hometown and started helping dad in his business. It seemed the world was ending for me. My personal life was scattered, my professional life was hazy and I was just escaping the reality to focus on my dad’s business,”

His life took a turning point only when he dreamt about being successful day and night. Best of luck Aksh!!!